History Of Nawabs

3rd Nawab Sahib Muhammad Hamid Khan

THE THIRD NAWAB SAHIB HAMIDKHAN I. 1774 to 1811 A. D. Nawab Sahib MahabatKhan was succeeded by Nawab Sahib Hamidkhan in 1774 A. D. He was then 8 years old. In this year his paternal uncles Mukhtarkhan and Adilkhan the Jagirdars of Bantva took possession of the fort of Vanthali. An army was sent from Junagadh against them, whereupon they returned to Bantva disappointed. In the vive of Nawab MahabatKhan UNA and DELVADA were under the suzerainty of the Nawab Sahib. A Thana was established there and it paid tribute, but in 1781 A. D. both were annexed to the Nawab Sahib Hamidkhan’s territory. In 1706 A.D. Fateh Muhammad, the Diwan of Cutch attacked the territory of the Jam Sahib, who sought the aid of the Nawab Sahib.

Thereupon he himself marched in person with an army. But peace being concluded between the two belligerents, he directly marched against the Raja of BHAVNAGAR, who for some time had been doing mischief in the Nawab Sahib's territory. A hard battle was fought wit the Raja between Waral and Dhasa, in which the Nawab Sahib was victorious. At last the Raja apologized and gave a fine of R.S 115000. In 1811 A. D. Nawab Sahib died at the age of 45 years and was buried in the ancestral grave-yard near Chitakhan mosque. He was of polished manners, active, gentle, intelligent and imposing appearance. He was religious and observed fasts in the month of Ramzan. He loved to read the holy Quran. He was so brave that he himself took part in the battlefield and punished mischievous people. He was peace-loving and tolerant. He helped the Thakor of Morbi, Porbandar, GONDAL, BHAVNAGAR and Sayla in their calamities.

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